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Seasonal bizi box

Completed crafts create great games, role-play and learning opportunities about the world around us


Party bizi box

Looking for an unique birthday present for that special little person?


Mini bizi box

Lots of messy and sensory play activities to do with easy instructions to follow!

  • ​Each box comes brimming with different educational toys and creative materials for ages from 0-7 years olds.

  • Every quarter is different so your child gets to play with lots fun varied toys both in the water and on land.

  • Each toy and activity is carefully selected to encourage your child to use all their senses for exploring, playing, investigating and creating.

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The price does not includes p&p (international shipping available).




You will receive 4 seasonal boxes per year. The price includes p&p.

£13 per month



Suitable if you have more than one child. The price includes p&p.

£18 per month

Please note: if you are wanting to sign up to the subscription membership, a one-time box needs to be purchased first. Subscriptions start in April, July, October and January.