• It is made of environment-friendly TPR material, which has luminous effect and soft finger cover, which can be worn by adults and children.
  • The shape is funny and cute, which is easy to attract children's attention. Children will like to play with all kinds of shocking monster finger puppets.
  • It can be used as a story telling prop, which is more conducive to bringing children into the story world, developing children's intelligence and enhancing children's attention. It is a good toy for parent-child interaction.
  • It is suitable for increasing parent-child interaction, venting and relieving pressure. It can be used as a small reward gift, children's party gift, gift bag, church quiet toy, simulation game, classroom game prize, etc.
  • Children's finger puppets of various colours can effectively cultivate children's fine motor skills and coordination ability, and awaken children's or adults' imagination.

Monster finger puppets