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Hints and Tips to make bath time easier.

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Here are a number of hints and tips to change the process of bath time being less stressful and demanding to a more easier, enjoyable and happy experience.

Here are 5 tips:

Tip #1


Your child's experience of bath time should be a positive and pleasant time when they are relaxed and mellow gaining the full benefits of being in the water. Bath time does not just have to be where you wash them quickly then dress them for bed.

If you bath your child in the morning, add some water, sensory or messy play activities. Bath time can be an extension of play and exploration. I will be doing a separate blog on this, but an example would be to add handmade foam paint for your child to be creative and tap in to their imagination, transforming bath time in to an art gallery.

If you bath your child at night time before bed time, do not rush this process. You can add soothing music, big fluffy bubbles, colourful and lovely smelling bath confetti transforming bath time in to a sensational sensory experience. Keeping the mood calm and peaceful which sets them up ready for reading a story then lights out.

Tip 2 #


If you don't have to rush out of the door in the morning then bath time is absolutely perfect for an extension of play time. I have a blog that explains the benefits of water play which totally includes bath time.

Add toys that can get wet and that your child is showing interest in at the time e.g if they love trucks and cars - add these in with lots of bubbles and other items like big sponges, blue sensory scarves and sprinkle cups to make a "car wash".

Add seasonal toys suitable to the time of year. Artificial flowers, water proof vases and a watering can for Spring time or some ice cream cones and colourful ping pong balls for summer. I have so many ideas of how you can transform bath time in to a water wonderland to spark your child's imagination.

EPIC Bizi Boxes are brilliant as they do the thinking for you. You don't have to trail through Pinterest to get some ideas - you have so many different activities & the toys in a box that comes straight to your door every 3 months.

Tip #3


Bath time is a great opportunity to open this time up for many learning topics. It could be letters, numbers, colours, talking about different animals or different events like Valentines or Easter.

Adding in action songs or number songs are brilliant too. Use bath mitts as puppets to make up stories.

Tip #4


Children absolutely love glow up toys. Turn your bath time in to a party by turning the lights off and add some upbeat music with glow sticks or use glowing ice cubes with fluffy foam bubbles and some calming smells and sounds.

Tip #5


Your child will never get bored of bubbles. They are SO much fun. Make bubble beards or bubble animals or bubble cupcakes, bubble hairdoo's. Add food colouring to create a colourful creation.

The Bubble dough and Bath confetti that come with the EPIC Bizi boxes create the BEST bubbles and the best of all - it cleans them from head to toe as well.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and hints about how to make bath time easier and more enjoyable.

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