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Bath boxes have had an upgrade! NOW called EPIC Bizi Box.

Not only are the boxes full to the brim of wonderful toys and creative kits but NOW we have added even more exciting sensory and messy play kits/toys too.

We are so excited about this and this is why we tweaked the name to Bizi Box as the contents will capture your child's imagination whilst playing and sparking such magnificent creations.

What are in the boxes?

  • An open-ended toy

  • Messy play kit

  • Sensory play kit

  • Water play kit

  • Activity cards

What are examples of an open-ended toy?

First off I would like to explain what an open-ended toy is. It is a toy that provides play with no end result. It allows the child endless opportunities to use their imagination, creativity and independent thinking,

An example here: These are snowflake building blocks. They are in the December 2021 EPIC Bizi Box for children 4-7 years old.

Snowflake toy

Starting with these

Turn in to these creations...

What about for children under 3 years old?

In previous boxes I have added Stacking toys or building blocks.

This particular stacking toy is brilliant as you can manipulate it such that you can change the cone shape to different shapes according to how you want to stack them. The silicone is very soft that it very easy for your child to do it themselves. And if it goes in the mouth - no biggy.

So what would be an example of the Messy play kits?

In Monster Mayhem I added some Gooey eyeball soup ingredients. They are household ingredients (they are all in the box for you to use) with some extra items. Your child's senses are on fire whilst getting engrossed with messy play. The sounds, the smells, the way it feels & some even taste yummy (or some not so much),

Again your child can be independently playing for endless amounts of time adding in stories and songs - making their own up or bringing a book to life or express something that has happened in real life. SO many benefits of messy play.

Can I have an example of the Sensory play kit?

In Summer Vibe (June) Box we had a kit to make Jelly Fish sensory bottles with shells & sand that glowed in the dark.

In the Monster Mayhem Box there were Orb Tubes.

What does a Water Play kit look like?

So these kits are items that you can play with outside of the bath/shower too.

In the December 2021 box there are these Winter Animals that your child will have such fun playing in the bath but also adding play dough or other things like, cotton wool for snow or ice cubes or coloured fluffy foam or wood. Small world play is brilliant and has multiple learning opportunities too. For example, where do these animals live and locate them on a map. What do they eat? Are they land, water or air animals? How big do they grow? Do they live in packs? Etc.

For the younger children, I have added Bath mitts that double up as puppets. With it being Winter - you can read books that talk about owls and other winter animals. You can make up a song or pretend to be Oscar the Owl. Children absolutely love this imaginative play.

What are the Activity cards?

In our boxes we add toys that provide educational learning opportunities. The contents care NOT a mass of bath toys thrown in to a box. They are purposeful and well thought out with your child's developmental stage in mind. It is months of research to find and create the packs for you. Helen thoroughly enjoys putting this boxes together for you and the Activity cards guide and are a helping hand to what you do with the items in the kits. They provide ideas and tips about how to use the items to get the best out of them. They can be re-used so keeping these Activity cards will provide you a Recipe book idea of activities to do.

We try our best to ensure that the kits either have a multi purpose (so can used again once you have finished the activity) or can be re-used again. For example, the ice cube tray provided in Decembers Box is made with silicone and has a lid which will be used for the igloos or icebergs for the animals but then can be used on a normal basis. Or The Sensory bottles or Tubes can be transformed in to a Winter snowfall Discovery toy but then can be washed out and used for a different experience.

Helen has 27 years of teaching experience with a passion for active learning. She incorporates a play based approach to her swimming lessons and believes that this can be created within the home environment too adding sensory and water play. "I find children fascinating - they are my guiding light! They teach me so much, they are so curious and I just LOVE their inquisitive minds". "I designed the EPIC Bizi Boxes to bring the inner child out of the adults too".

There are One-time boxes available and a subscription. The subscription is a monthly payment and you receive 4 boxes a year. Subscribers receive a character from our Bath Buddy collectors toys.

What has been in previous Subscribers Boxes

Clown Fish in Decembers subscription boxes

For more information please head over to our website and check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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