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5 Bath toy hacks for busy mums!

Sometimes you just don't have the head space to think of what fun things you could add for your children's bath time. I do the thinking for you.

Here are 5 easy activities you can add that you most probably already have or are easy, quick and cheap to buy for next day delivery!

Tip #1 - Use traditional toys - I am sure a lot of the toys that your child has stored away can be played with in the bath too. Use these toys to make a theme during their time in the bath.

For example this dessert stand which I have used during my swimming lessons (yes I have been a swimming teacher for nearly 30 years) for a "sweat treat" theme (& other themed sessions) and my son really enjoyed playing with it in the bath (& on his tuff tray with other sensory items). It's really hardy and can be used for multiple activities. Add some frothy bubbles and other dessert props like these foam cupcakes or ice cream. Add a little teapot and tea cup set with some plastic plates so that they can make an afternoon tea party for you. Even adding bath crayons to write the dessert menu is great opportunity to mark make or practice writing in a fun and creative way. For the younger ones you can add the foam letters to spell out CAKE, DONUT, TEA, BISCUIT etc.

You can really transform bath time in to small world play which is SO much exciting for a child. My son would spend literally an hour if not more just playing away. I would need to pop in and top up the warm water.

Tip #2 - Use kitchen utensils.

A child's imagination is simply beautiful. You can give them the simplest of items and they can make them in to a game or a transform in to magical wonderland of going to space or being in a cafe.

Items that I can recommend:



Soup ladle

Potato masher

Big spoon

Mixing bowls

Plastic cups

Plastic plates

Silicone straws

Pastry brush

Add in some bubbles and coloured water then watch and see what they come up with.

Tip #3 - Add anti slip bath mats to the bottom of your bath tub.

These add to a sensory experience for your children. You can find some really cool ones like these turtles or starfish.

Being a swimming teacher for many years, I highly recommend these as it really encourages your child to look under water practicing their breath control. It gives them something to focus on when they put their face under the water (or close to if they are not confident enough to do it yet). You can make a game of it by adding a mix of bath stickers & see if they "can find the crab" - this marine life set is really cute!

For your younger children - these anti slip decals are practical and safe, preventing them from slipping. Of course close supervision is required at all times.

Tip# 4 - Use glow items to enjoy bath time being relaxed, tranquil and calming or quite the opposite of a party atmosphere.

As a mum and a swimming teacher, glow toys are one of the most popular items. So much so that in our Bizi Boxes we aim to add a glow item in every box we design.

These are some our favourites:

Turtles & friends

Lilly flowers


Glow sticks

Disco lights or disco ball

I have seen these and think I may have to try these whales and the jellyfish. There are so many great ones to choose from.

Tip #5 - You can never go wrong with a bowl of ice to play with.

My son is literally obsessed with ice...there is something about it that he is just mesmerised by it. He loves the texture, he loves the cold, he loves watching it melt, he loves adding it to his potions!

We have used ice in many different ways. Here are some of our favourites:

Reuseable ice cube trays - I have added mini sweets, pom poms, little kinder egg style figures. The enjoyment of popping them out and then getting a "surprise" is "very satisfying".

Balloons - in our party bizi box there are water balloons that you can add some mini lollypops and then fill up to freeze.

Silicone gloves - we have great joy filling up a surgical glove and having an "iced hand" to play with.

Eggs - we have put in miniature dinosaurs, foam eggs. lego figures, minature animals or anything that can fit it. Opening it up & remembering what we put in each coloured egg is really exciting.

Ice lolly molds - these are SO much fun. You can some regular ice pop silicone molds or you can get some really cute shaped ones too. We liked the penguins for when we did a Winter themed water play during bath time.

Silicone molds - a creative way to add extras in to the molds to "bling them up". These flowers are great for spring time. I added eco-friendly glitter, (it's ok to go down the drain) food colouring, small pom poms in some and petal confetti in some. A great sensory activity.

I wouldn't recommend that they eat the ice. They will want to lick it and put in the mouth - it's like a magnetic which is totally safe to do but just not the whole thing in their mouths for possibility of choking and being a hazard. Please supervise at all times when small objects are being used.

I hope you have enjoyed these 5 tips. There are plenty more ideas to come so please keep your eye on more tip and hacks for bath time/water play, sensory and messy play activities.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small % from qualifying purchases. This exchange helps fund these blog posts. Prices are the same as the website. I love what I do and I appreciate your support!*

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