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10 toys for your children to take on holiday that fit in their rucksack?

Looking for some toys to entertain them on your long journey?

Screens can be lifesavers on long travel days, but too much screen time makes my kids grouchy. Sometimes a classic toy is the perfect alternative to endless movies or video games.

New toys are exciting for children. Packing a new toy or two is a reliable trick that travel-savvy families use to make long travel days easier.

These travel toys make the cut for me because they are

  • affordable,

  • on

  • they all fit in a child's rucksack

Here are my favourite travel toys for older and younger children.

Here are some ideas to start you off!

1. Window stickers

These jelly stickers are not just for Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Use your car window or the plane window as your canvas. What beautiful designs can you come up with?

2. Tape activity book

What child doesn't love playing with tape. I know my son asks for it ALL the time. What a great way to use their imagination and keep their art work for a little bit then peel (another great activity) to re-do another master piece.

3. Re-useable sticker book

Find a sticker book that your child is interested in and enjoy plenty of quiet time. The beauty of re-useable stickers is that you can continue to enjoy creating lots of pictures time and time again on holiday.

4. Aqua doodle mat

Hours of being creative drawing pictures or playing games. Let the mat dry and start something from new.

5. Modeling clay

6. Magnetic board

7. Magnetic Tangram

8. Wax crafting sticks

A fantastic travel toy because they appeal to all ages. Create animals, buildings, flowers, cars, or whatever you dream up. The sticks feel sticky, but wiping fingers clean with a wet wipe made for easy clean up. Grab an extra ziploc bag to store these if you plan to reuse them.

9. Lego mini playsets

Lego do some great buildable travel toy which features an opening book with a 2-sided centre build, a stickers sheet and plenty of play starters. Here is an example: Frozen.

10. Memory Game

The Melissa and Doug Flip-to-Win Memory Game includes a wooden frame with 25 flaps and sliding score keepers, and 7 double-sided, laminated, themed game cards.

What are your favourite travel toys? I would love to hear what things your children love!

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